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Why Air Conditioning Is Good For Your Health?

To feel comfortable at your home during summers, you need to cool it at an adaptable temperature. Air conditioners cool and dehumidify the indoor air to achieve that thermal comfort. In fact, the term ‘air conditioning’ may refer to all kinds of heating, cooling, disinfection and ventilation, which modify the conditions of air. An air conditioner is a mechanism, an appliance and a system, which stabilizes the temperature of air and humidity inside an area mostly using the refrigeration cycle and sometime evaporation process.

Air conditioners are perfect for any type of room that pamper the users with crisp, clean and cool air and make the living area more comfortable to live in. They are available in different kinds to serve purposes of different people. There are window models for installation on room windows, wall-mount models that can be enclosed on a wall with the help of holes and sleeves, double-hung models suitable for wider spaces of windows and casement models meant for narrower spaces.

Window Air Conditioners Vs. Wall Mounted Conditioners

The easiest model to install is the window model and wall mount models need lot of effort and time for installation. Therefore, if you do not have a permanent residence, are staying in a rented home and you need to move very frequently then you should prefer a window air conditioner while those who have a permanent residence should prefer wall mount air conditioners as they provide the most permanent and durable fixture.

The various features available in modern air conditioners include timers, remote controls, filters, adjustable flow of air, capacity to function noiselessly and a feature to dehumidify.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

While purchasing an air conditioner for your room, you must consider the size of your room because a large air conditioner for a small room will result in extreme cooling while a small air conditioner for a large room will not be sufficient to cool it. One more option for air conditioning is the system of central air conditioning, which uses ducts for distributing dehumidified cool air to various room of a home or an office. There are different kinds of such air conditioners that can keep the building warm during winter and cool during summer. Among the various models of central air conditioners, a typical split air conditioner is the most popular one, which consists of many inter-connected components.

In summers, as the temperature continues to rise, we need an air conditioner that is vital for almost every home nowadays. With decreasing costs of these air conditioners, they have now reached almost every bedroom of a household. The industry of air conditioners has experienced a quick pace in the recent years.

A good quality air conditioner will have smart and lasting air filter system, ensuring that the cleanest air enters into your room. Air conditioners with an air cleaner save the air from fumes, dust particles and smoke from outside. These machines are meant to beat outside heat and let not the warm weather outside affect your comfort inside the home or office. With advancement in technology, air conditioners are now becoming more cost efficient, user friendly as well as energy saving.

The Potential Health Benefits Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning helps enhance the quality of indoor air by heating or cooling the air, along with dehumidifying and filtering it. We typically think of air conditioning as the solution to high room temperatures, along with a portable room air conditioning unit is certainly capable of that. But if you have certain health issues, a portable air conditioner can help alleviate some of the issues associated with them.

Pollen, Asthma & Allergies

People with allergies or asthma may benefit from using a portable air conditioner in their houses. Allergies may cause your nose to run, your own eyes to itch, your sinuses to become inflamed and your throat to become sore. Air conditioners that come with filters can help remove the pollen in the air, thereby lessening the issues associated with it. Pollen can enter the house through open windows, or can be brought in by pets or even on your clothing. You will feel far better if the pollen is captured in a filtration system before you breathe it in. Dehumidifiers can also reduce mold spores from the indoor air in your home, and can help allergy sufferers alleviate many unpleasant symptoms.

Air Conditioning And The Elderly

People over the age of sixty- five need to reside in an environment where the temperature is controlled, especially if they reside in the Southern United States or other areas where it becomes very hot during the summer months. The elderly are more prone to heat-related stress because they find it tough to quickly adapt to temperature changes, they frequently have chronic medical conditions that may affect the body’s temperature adjustment or are on drugs that could also hamper body temperature regulation.

If you’re over sixty-five, one excellent way to be certain any room you are in is the correct temperature for you is by using a portable air conditioner. They come with heating and cooling capabilities, as well as dehumidifying abilities to reduce the humidity from the room air, and filtering mechanisms to reduce airborne pollutants, so you will be comfortable inside no matter what the weather dishes up outdoors.


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